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Friday, September 30, 2011

What's in a name?

Your name says a lot about you.  I know you don't get to pick your name, but somewhere along the line, it becomes part of who you are, and you become part of it.  So, I've been thinking about my name and different nicknames I have accumulated over the years.  Here are my thoughts on a few...

Kristi:  the name most people I know call me.  In fact, some people don't even know my for-real name is Kristina.  I like my name.  Cute.  Short.  Happy-sounding.

My mom calls me Kristi Beth sometimes.  First name shortened. middle name shortened.  I love it.  I feel like a little girl again just hanging out with mommy when she uses it. 

To some people I'm known as Miss Kristi.  This is one of my favorite nicknames, probably because of the people who use this term:  kids at my church when I'm teaching a class or just hanging out with them and kids I babysit.  Something about a sweet child being so excited to see me and calling out "Miss Kristi!!" just makes my heart smile.

Kristina:  I have mixed emotions about being called Kristina because two types of people call me that.  1)  People who don't know me worth beans and have only seen my email signature or the name plate on my desk.  (Me no likey.)  2)  People who know me well, know that I usually go by Kristi, but call me Kristina anyway knowing that not many people do.  (Me likey.)

Finch, Finchy, Finchworthy (or any other variation of my last name):  I also like these nicknames.  I think what I like about these is just that when they are used, people want to call me something other than my first name but don't want to get too crazy.  I see this as them using a term of endearment.  I like that.  

Another not-so-expected nick name I have is Pookie.  That's right, Pookie (or the ever-popular variation, Pooks).  A couple of my close friends share this nickname.  Just typing it out makes it sound silly and funny, but in real life, it feels totally normal, and I probably use this just as much as (if not more than) my friend's real name.

I love nicknames because what someone calls me is a bit telling about my relationship with them.  If you have a special name for me, then I feel like I am special to you.  Not in a ushy-gushy-lovey-dovey way, but in a I'm-glad-you're-my-friend way.  There's something fun about having a name that just for you or that just used by one special person in your life.  In fact, I fully intend to name my future children in such a way that is conducive to having a great nickname.  

Do you have any special nicknames in your life?  What's your favorite?  Why do you like it?  

Monday, September 12, 2011

Ready or Not, Here Fall Comes!

The arrival of fall is imminent.  Before I know it, I'll be sure not to leave the house without a jacket and will reinstate hot tea as my breakfast staple after its hiatus for the summer.  There's something special and magical about fall.  I can't put my finger on what is it exactly, but I think that's part of what makes it so great.  Something involving the cooler (but not too cold just yet) weather, the crisper air, the leaves changing colors, trips to an apple orchard, enjoying warm drinks on the front porch, pumpkin flavored everything....there's just something about fall.

One of the things that makes fall so refreshing might be that things seem to slow down a little.  I know the schedule is still full, but somehow, things just seem a little slower.  My summer was a bit busy, to say the least.  I was traveling more weekends than I spent at home, and those times I was at home, there were often out of town guests to entertain or other exciting activities happening.  Either way.  Busy.  There are a few fall trips planned but not as many, and they seem fewer and farther between (ok - now that I look at the calendar, they really aren't fewer or farther between, but somehow it seems that way).  

All that to say, now that I'm on the doorsteps of fall (and having spent a few hours of alone time driving to and from Pennsylvania this past weekend), I've really been thinking about all that happened in my life over the summer.  I don't know about you, but this summer has been one of learning and growing and stretching and challenging.  Through several different situations and opportunities, the Lord has really been teaching me to have a different perspective and different priorities in my life.  

I plan to share more about these challenges and how they have prompted some changes in future posts.  BUT  I really want to hear if there's any ways you have been challenged this summer.  Now that summer is coming to an end, what do you see when you look back?