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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Blessed II

(Part two cause I titled a previous post "Blessed."  Apparently I need to get more creative with these things!)

Tonight, I'm feeling so blessed.  I'm not sure how to articulate all the different thoughts swimming around in my head, but one word keeps surfacing.  Blessed.

I just got back from a trip to Brazil with Living Bread.  It was a great week of serving beside pastors who are in the trenches of ministry day in and day out.  It thrilled me to think that shortly my life will be an even greater investment into this organization that encourages and supports these servants of God.  Blessed.

This is my last week of work on staff at Liberty.  It's a bittersweet week because I'm definitely going to miss my Liberty family and the familiarity of my days on campus.  I've been there every day (with the exceptions of summers during undergrad and my student teaching semester) for almost eight years.  Crazy. Looking back at my time there, I am overwhelmed with the opportunities I have been given and the people I have gotten to know.  Blessed.  (See, there's that word again!)

I just got home from an evening of VBS at my church.  I love getting to share a few crazy moments with a crowded room full of energetic kids.  I get to bounce around and act slightly insane and totally get away with it.  It's often tiring, and sometimes I don't feel like it, but having a small child run up to hug my legs or catching a little one I don't know yet grin from ear to ear when I smile at them makes it all worth it.  Blessed.

I keep reminding myself that I need to remember these days of immense blessing so that when dark days come and storm clouds brew, I can know that my same Savior and Lord today is my Savior and Lord through the valleys of life that will inevitably come my way.  Thankful and blessed.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hit the Road, Jack

I like to think I'm an adventurous person.  I think I might have proven it to some doubters recently.  On the spur of the moment (with about a week of planning), a wonderful friend and I roadtrip-ed across the country.  Utah to Pennsylvania.  1900 miles.  30 hours of driving. 8 states.  3 time zones.  3 days.  2 fun-loving chicks.  1 '96 Honda Accord.

A few superlatives from the trip:
Most sought after tune for the drive:  Call Me, Maybe (Not sure how proud I am of this, but it is what it is.)
Most flat/boring state:  Ohio
State with the most antelope: Wyoming
State with the most FedEx trucks: Nebraska
State with the prettiest rainbow: Illinois
State with the most tolls: Ohio
State with the prettiest views: Wyoming
State with the most people who knew the town where we were going in PA: Wyoming
State with the most bird casualties: Wyoming
State with the biggest farms: Iowa
State with the most time zones: Nebraska
State with the most pigs: Indiana
State with the most sheep: Wyoming
State with the most cows: Iowa
State we were most excited to see: Pennsylvania
State with the highest penalty for construction zones: Iowa (10,000 fine and up to 14 years in jail if you hit a construction worker.  Yikes.  In PA we just have to turn on our headlights!)
State with the most snow fences: Wyoming

My road trip buddy!

The story of our weekend.  I-80 East

The prettiest part of the drive - this gorgeous stretch of Wyoming right before Cheyenne. 

Our favorite road trip song.  Don't judge.

Across the country adventure? Check.  Next up?  Brazil!