Thanks for stopping by Shade and Sunshine!  I'm Kristi Finch, and here's a little taste of me.

I was born a missionary kid in the Philippines where I saw my mom and dad love Jesus for real, so I wanted to do that, too.  I started when I was little and have been learning how to be better at it ever since. (You can read a more detailed version of my testimony here!)

Now, I'm a grown up (by age, but not much more), living in the beautiful Lynchburg, Virginia, nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, where I work, play, laugh, and love. (How was that for cheese factor? That's what I was going for.)

I'm the Director of Administration for Living Bread Ministries, and I love this opportunity to be part of a global, church-planting movement.  I also teach online, Christian counseling classes for Liberty University.

I live in a house called ChezMK.  I hang out with the best friends a girl could ask for.  I wear flip flops whenever possible.  I like purple, nicknames, Oxford commas, and naps.  I hate bad grammar, being cold, and spicy food.

I use this blog as an outlet for my once-in-a-while insightful thoughts, a way to document my adventures and memories, and a spot to share my creative outlets and what makes me tick.  It's a little bit here-and-there, but so am I, so it works out well.

I'd love to hear from you!  Drop me a line at or connect with me on Twitter (@Finchworthy).


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