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Wednesday, November 23, 2011


There's so much for which to say thank you this Thanksgiving season.  There are a few things that I have been appreciating more and more lately.  And by things, mostly I mean people.  I am so blessed with so many people in my life who love and care about me.  Some of them I know a lot; some I know only a little, but all are special to me.  These are some of the people (or rather groups of people) who make me so, so thankful this year.  

(Note:  the list that follows is not an exhaustive list by any stretch of imagination.  There are many more than could be named here!)

My family - this is often the standard answer to the "What are you thankful for?" question, but  they earn the standard response position for a reason.  Though they are miles and miles away (and it's during times like this that I wish Virginia and Florida weren't so far away from each other), my family is pretty much the best ever.  We Finches have some interesting quirks and oddities, but I wouldn't trade our crazy crew for another any day of the week.  Being a Finch is one of the highlights of my life!

My far away friends - in addition to my family being miles and miles away, I have several dear friends who don't live anywhere close to where I live.  They're all over - Pennsylvania, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, North Dakota, Utah....you get the picture.  Even though we don't see each other ever day, week, month, or even sometimes year, each of my far away friends holds a special place in my heart.

My up close friends - some days I forget that not everyone is blessed with a group of people with whom to "do life."  One the days that I remember that, I am even more thankful for "The Group," those people who are in my house every week, who invite me to their house every week, who I see on the weekends (when I'm not out of town visiting a far away friend), who will catch a late movie with me, who will help us decorate for Christmas, who will watch football with me, who will make a Starbucks run with me. You know? Just doing life together.  That's what we do, and I dig it.  

My church family - I feel like I have a couple of these since I've moved from place to place and have had the opportunity to get involved in multiple great churches.  Either way, I love the people who worship with me on a weekly basis, and I'm learning to appreciate them more and more. 

So there are a few highlights from my "Thankful For" list.  What tops your list this year?

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Here we go, Steelers!

So, I like football.  I didn't grow up watching (or understanding) it, so my affection for the sport is recently acquired.  Though I have three brothers, we weren't really a sports family.  Tennis was our most frequently watched and played sport.  We're more of a mental exercise family. We play board game and card games and correct each others' grammar and know way too many random facts.  Give us a word game, and we'll give you a run for your money.  Challenge us in a team sport, and you'll [probably] win (probably) every time.  

So, being the only girl (well, one of the two, if you count my mom) in a family of six, you'd think me liking football would be pretty expected.  However, I'm the anomaly in the family BECAUSE I like football.  Seriously.  My dad teases me about it. 

My team is the Steelers.  This is important for you to know.  I love me some black and gold.  

I went to my first pro football game earlier this year - the AFC Championship in Heinz Field.  Pittsburgh beat the Jets.  Yay!  It was 6 degrees.  Literally.  Great experience, but very cold.

Last month, I went to my second NFL game. Also in Heinz Field.  Also won by Pittsburgh.  It was significantly warmer.  Here's a little glimpse of my fun in Pennsylvania:

Heinz Field in the lovely Pittsburgh, PA

The teams getting ready for their next play.  Please note how close the Steelers are to the end zone.

The lovely view of downtown Pittsburgh from our seats.  So good.