Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Here we go, Steelers!

So, I like football.  I didn't grow up watching (or understanding) it, so my affection for the sport is recently acquired.  Though I have three brothers, we weren't really a sports family.  Tennis was our most frequently watched and played sport.  We're more of a mental exercise family. We play board game and card games and correct each others' grammar and know way too many random facts.  Give us a word game, and we'll give you a run for your money.  Challenge us in a team sport, and you'll [probably] win (probably) every time.  

So, being the only girl (well, one of the two, if you count my mom) in a family of six, you'd think me liking football would be pretty expected.  However, I'm the anomaly in the family BECAUSE I like football.  Seriously.  My dad teases me about it. 

My team is the Steelers.  This is important for you to know.  I love me some black and gold.  

I went to my first pro football game earlier this year - the AFC Championship in Heinz Field.  Pittsburgh beat the Jets.  Yay!  It was 6 degrees.  Literally.  Great experience, but very cold.

Last month, I went to my second NFL game. Also in Heinz Field.  Also won by Pittsburgh.  It was significantly warmer.  Here's a little glimpse of my fun in Pennsylvania:

Heinz Field in the lovely Pittsburgh, PA

The teams getting ready for their next play.  Please note how close the Steelers are to the end zone.

The lovely view of downtown Pittsburgh from our seats.  So good.

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  1. I love the picture with the single terrible towel waving, and I love that you love the Steelers with me. <3