Family is a big deal.  It provides opportunities for all kinds of problems and all kinds of blessings.  More than anything, I think it allows us to learn more about how God loves us and wants to grow us to become more like him.

I know families come in all different shapes, sizes, and flavors, but I am particularly fond of mine.

Here's our clan!
Standing: Natacha, Stephen, Paul, Dad, Peter, Yuri
Sitting: Me, Mom
My mom and dad are the best; they have always been great examples to me of trusting the Lord and making life a great adventure.  I can see parts of both of them in me: I have my dad's sense of adventure and my mom's perfectionism. 
My oldest brother Stephen and his fiance Natacha.
My second brother Peter and his wife Yuri.
My baby brother Paul! (Though, he's not so much a baby anymore!)
P.S. Paul is an artist.  I am the proud owner of several of his pieces.  You can check out his work here.


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