Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Birthday Blues

I had a birthday yesterday.  I'm officially older now.  I have had more mixed emotions about this birthday than I have about any other birthday before.  I wasn't looking forward to it so much.  But then it happened (as it was bound to all along).  And afterward, when I was crawling into bed last night, I was glad it happened.  Despite my not-so-much-looking-forward-to-it, it turned out to be a lovely day (if you don't count the weather that was cold, rainy, and miserable) filled with people I love.  It was a good reminder that even when I'm not excited about things, they might not turn out to be so bad, and they might even turn out to be good.  Yesterday, a bunch of wonderful little things added up to make a wonderfully lovely day.  

So instead of birthday blues, my day turned into a not-so-blue day because of all the people who made me feel special.  And what's most special is that the people who made me feel special yesterday on my special day are the same people who make me feel special everyday.  Good things aren't only stored up for birthdays; I get them all year long!

Yes, I may be older now.  But I think it was worth it.

And did I mention there was cake??



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