Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Adventures in Accounting

I love adventures.  My favorite kinds of fun are usually a bit out there - sky diving, hang gliding, scuba diving, etc.  But last week I took on a different kind of adventure that didn't involve jumping out of an airplane or wearing a wet suit.  This one requires my glasses, a calculator, and a refresher course on being a student.  

I'm taking a 200 level accounting class.  Yikes.

I haven't been in school for three and a half years.  I haven't been in an undergrad class for five and a half years.  I've gotten pretty used to being on the other side of online learning, so switching back to student mode, while still maintaining professor mode for the classes I teach, has been interesting!

I'm looking forward to the class content-wise.  I have dearly missed math, so playing with numbers sounds super fun.  Plus, it will be a great benefit to my administrative role at Living Bread.  I have some accounting-type responsibilities and, before taking this job, had about zero accounting exposure.  

But there are parts of it that will be challenging.  Like all the comic sans in the course shell.  And the difference in structure from the classes I'm used to.  And having to a group project with who knows who.  

Either way, it's a new adventure, and I'm excited about it!  

What new adventures is 2014 bringing your way?

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  1. good luck, girl! just started responding to everyone as professor finch and critiquing their stuff. they will love it!