Friday, January 10, 2014


A year ago, I dove in.  Almost literally.  It wasn't actually until March that I took my first literal dive, but I made the decision a year ago.  

I learned how to scuba dive.  Whoa.

It's been a pipe dream of mine for a while.  It was a hypothetical ambition.  *Someday* I wanted to learn to scuba dive.  Scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef is on my bucket list.  But the super-far-into-the-future bucket list.  But around last Christmas/New Years, I decided to do it.

I did the research.  I found classes in my area.  I even (kind of) talked a friend of mine into taking the class with me!

I did it.  

I learned how to scuba dive.  It was on my life to-do list, and I did it.  I checked something off my list.  

Somedays, when I feel like I'm not making progress toward a goal or like I have nothing to show for the nearly 27 years I've been around, I remind myself that I know how to scuba dive.

Now to actually go diving somewhere...

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  1. We've got lots of places, and Dante will go with you! Come visit me!