Thursday, March 13, 2014

Brazil Trip 2014: Day 4

After the craziness of the last couple days, a more laid back day today was welcomed! We made a stop at the Big store (the Brazilian WalMart) to stock up on some necessities (i.e. Brazilian chocolate and coffee) this morning.  

Our ministry focus of the day was the feeding ministry service at Igreja Batista Viva.  We assembled food kits of various necessities like rice, pasta, beans, flour, oil, and more that were distributed to families in need in Vila Nova. 

During the service tonight, Paul shared about the need for men to step up in their families to lead by example and to love their wives and children well.  He challenged them to look to God as the example of a loving father since most families in the area have not come from a home with a good father, if a father was present at all.  The message was well received, and the emphasis this week on godly leadership from the men in the church is one that can transform families as they follow the Lord!

After the service, we served those in attendance a meal and distributed the food kits.  Though it wasn't a day packed full, there is still impact on the community.  We love seeing the church at work as the pastor, his family, and lay people serve the people in their area and give of their time and resources to help their friends and neighbors.

Thank you for your continued prayers for our team as we encourage the pastors and their ministries here!  Tomorrow we will be going into the Vila Planalto neighborhood, and Friday we'll be in Vila Safira.

Estela and several others from the church putting together food kits for this evening's service.  

Some of our best memories are from the opportunities we get to spend down time with the church members, drinking coffee, and sharing life!

Estela and her new friend Gi!

Paul sharing an important message this evening


  1. That is such a powerful message, I'm glad it was well received! Loving your updates!

  2. what a great reminder that sometimes we simply need to fulfill basic needs so that the lord can then fulfill the needs of the heart! love you!

  3. A message I not only need to share, but one I need to live by in my own life. It's so easy to get caught up in work and all the other distractions life has to offer!